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Privacy Policy

Philips Official Online Store Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice was last updated on March 31, 2024.

Philips Official Online Store https://shop.philips.com.hk/ (hereinafter referred to as "Online Store") is a store where Philips Electronics Hong Kong Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Philips" or "we") provides consumers with online sales of Philips products. Unless otherwise stated in this Privacy Notice or in other product or service specific privacy notices, the controller of your personal data is Philips Electronics Hong Kong Limited.

This Privacy Notice is designed to help you understand how our personal data processing practices will work, i.e. what data we collect, how we collect it, how we process it, the purposes for which it is collected and processed, and the rights you have in relation to your personal data when you register for an account and purchase products in our online store. We ask you to take some time to read this Privacy Notice, especially the text in bold.

The collection and processing of your personal data is necessary for us to provide you with the services as listed below (the “Services”), so we can only provide you with the Services after you have consented and given us authorization for the processing of personal information. When you check "I have read and agree to the Philips Official Online Store User Agreement and Privacy Notice" on the registration page of the above channels, and click the "Sign up" or "Sign in" button, it means that you have understood the content of this Privacy Notice and agree to authorize us to collect and process your personal information in accordance with the description of this Privacy Notice. If you have other questions about our operations and your personal data rights, you can contact us through:

Customer Service Hotline
Email: pclinfo.hk@philips.com
Phone: 26199663

We may update this Privacy Notice to reflect changes in our personal information processing operations in a timely manner. When the Privacy Notice changes, we will prompt you to read this Privacy Notice again and ask for your consent. The new Privacy Notice will be effective immediately upon publication. If you do not agree to the revised Notice, you should change your options or stop using our Services. By continuing to access or use our Services after these changes become effective, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to the revised Privacy Notice. 

The following is a detailed breakdown of the categories. This Privacy Notice can be found in “Privacy Notice” at the website footer in the above Philips channels and can be accessed at any time.


Online Store Privacy Notice

1. Account management

2. Store services

3. Cookies or similar technologies

4. Comprehensive data

5. Data storage and security measures

6. Data Sharing and Disclosure

7. Your Personal Data Rights

8. Information for parents

1. Account management

1.1. Sign Up and Sign In

1.1.1. Required information: your mobile phone number or email address

Purpose of collection: The mobile phone number/email address you provide will be your registered account and the only identifying information that can be associated with your real identity for your sign in authentication.

Collection method: provided by you on the sign up page.

If you choose not to register an account, you can still browse the product information in the online store, but you will not be able to purchase the product.

1.1.2. Extended information: your basic information, including name, email address, telephone number, date of birth, gender, nickname, etc.

Purpose of collection: To enhance your personal details, so that we can provide you with suitable activities, rights, promotional offers, etc. accordingly.

Collection method: provided by you on the account information page of ‘My Account’, or according to the page instructions in specific activities.

1.2. Deregistration

When you no longer need our services, you have the right to request to deregister your account. You can contact the customer service hotline or send an email to request deregistration. Contact information is as follows:

Customer Service Hotline
Email: pclinfo.hk@philips.com
Phone: 26199663

You need to submit a request to us to deregister your account through the mobile phone number and/or email address provided during account registration. After we accept your request, we will identify the data associated with your account and delete or anonymize it.

Please note that the deletion of data caused by the deregistration of your account is unrecoverable, and you must be fully aware of the possible consequences of account deregistration described in the user agreement of the Philips Official Online Store.

2. Store services

2.1. Online Purchases

2.1.1. Necessary information: overview of the purchased Philips products/services, purchase quantity and price, offer detail is enjoyed, actual payment amount, payment channel, payment status information, delivery address, recipient name, recipient phone number, logistics channel and tracking number, logistics tracking status information, order tracking status information.

Purpose of collection: This data is necessary to complete product and amount confirmation, order payment, logistics and order status tracking. We must collect this data in order to complete the sales of your online orders.

Collection method: Data is collected when you click on a specific product on the store page, when you go to the checkout page, or on a specific event page according to the page prompts. Once a purchase order is submitted, it is generated or recorded by our back-end systems.

2.1.2. Extended information: list of shopping cart items (including save to wish list and deletion dates, product types, quantity and price of goods), coupon usage information, complete invoicing information, invoice receiving email address, details of your conversations with customer service regarding purchase problems or online store experience issues, refund or partial refund information, logistics and order status information resulting from returns and exchanges.

Purpose of collection: This data is generated when you use the shopping cart to select goods, issue invoices, communicate with customer service, or make refunds, returns or exchanges. We need to collect this data in order to complete the above services for you.

Collection method: When you choose to issue an invoice, talk to customer service, initiate a refund or exchange when you purchase goods or after submitting a purchase order, it is generated or recorded by our back-office systems.

3. Cookies or similar technologies

The online store uses cookies or similar technologies to collect your device model, operating system, device identifier and login IP address information, as well as cache the browsing information and clicking information, so as to view your network environment. Cookies allow us to identify you when you visit the website, continuously optimize the user friendliness of the website and make adjustments to the website according to the needs of the users. You can also change the settings of the browser so that the browser does not accept cookies on our website, but this may affect your use of some features of the website.

4. Comprehensive data

We may combine the personal data described above with data collected during your use of or interaction with other Philips digital products, such as social media, websites, emails, applications and connected products, including your IP address, cookies, mobile device information, promotional messages that you double-click or tap, location details and websites you visit.

We will analyze your personal data and/or aggregate data in order to provide you with more accurate, personalized, smooth and convenient services, and we will use your combined data to provide you with marketing campaign notifications, commercial electronic communications or advertisements for Philips products, services and events that may be of interest to you. In addition, it helps us to evaluate, improve or design the content, functionality and usability of the online store, equipment, products and/or services, and helps us to promote new products and services and to improve our operations. You can cancel the personalized service function in the settings of each channel. You may opt-out and unsubscribe from such communications at any time. Before sending promotional communications to you, we will also ask your consent. Canceling this function will not affect the use of other functions. Depending on the applicable law, Philips uses your data anonymized by technical and other necessary measures without further notice and consent from you.

5. Data storage and security measures

5.1. Data Retention Period

We will determine how long to retain your personal data based on the purposes for which you have consented to use. The conditions we use to determine retention periods include: (i) the time you use the Online Store and Services; (ii) whether there is an ongoing legal obligation to which we are subject, or (iii) whether retention is advisable in light of our legal position (such as in regard to applicable statutes of limitations, litigation or regulatory investigations).

5.2. The country in which the data is stored

You acknowledge and consent that the personal information and data you provided to us will be stored and processed in Singapore. However, for statistical and analytical purposes, we may transfer your personal data to regions outside of Singapore. Nonetheless, we will ensure that your personal data is adequately protected as it is in the country or region where you are located and will use encryption in cross border data transfer.

5.3. We are responsible for the protection of your personal data

We will take our responsibility to protect your personal data seriously to avoid accidental or unauthorized alteration, loss, misuse, disclosure or access to the personal information you entrust to Philips. Philips uses a variety of security technologies and organizational measures to help protect your data.

6. Data Sharing and Disclosure

In accordance with this Privacy Notice and/or applicable law(s), Philips may disclose your personal data to other affiliates or subsidiaries of the Philips Group, Philips' suppliers, business partners or other third parties.

6.1. Philips Group affiliates or subsidiaries

Philips Electronics Hong Kong Limited is part of the Philips Group and we may need to share your personal data with other affiliates or subsidiaries of the Philips Group in conjunction with them to provide services to you. We confirm that these other affiliates or subsidiaries of the Philips Group follow the same personal information protection rules and security measures as we do.

6.2. Philips suppliers

We work with Philips service providers to help us operate, provide, improve, understand, customize, support and promote our Services. We may therefore share your personal data with the following service providers:

-  IT and cloud vendors

We work with SHOPLINE (Starling Labs Limited) and other service providers which provide the necessary hardware, software, networking, storage, transaction services and/or related technologies necessary to operate the Online Store or provide the Services.

-  Online trading service providers

We work with SHOPLINE (Starling Labs Limited) and other service providers which provide order processing and logistics arrangements for the online store.

-  Providers of analytics and user interaction

These service providers provide specific services in the online store, such as online store analytics, in-store messaging, etc.

Philips requires its service providers to provide an adequate level of protection for your personal data similar to that we provide. We request that our service providers process your personal data only in accordance with our instructions and only for the specific purposes described above; to access the minimum amount of data needed to provide a particular service; and to provide protection for your personal data.

6.3. Other Third Parties

Philips may also work with third parties who process your personal data for their own purposes. If Philips shares personal data with third parties who use your personal data for their own purposes, Philips will ensure that you are notified and/or obtain your consent as required by applicable law(s) before we share your personal data. In such cases, please read their privacy statements carefully to understand their privacy practices, including the types of personal data they collect, how they use, process and protect that data.

Philips may work with advertising and content promotion partners to process information related to the reach and effectiveness of advertising. In order to increase the effective reach of promoted content without identifying you personally, Philips will not share information that personally identifies you, or we will only provide partners with processed information that does not personally identify you, unless we have your consent.

Philips sometimes sells a division or part of a division to another company. Such transfer of ownership may include the transfer of personal data directly related to the business unit to the purchasing company. All of our rights and obligations are freely transferable by Philips to any of our affiliates by merger, reorganization, sale of assets, operation of law or otherwise, and we may transfer your personal data to any of our affiliates, successor entities or new owners, in accordance with our Privacy Notice.

7. Your Personal Data Rights

If you wish to submit a request to access, rectify, delete, restrict or withdraw the processing of your personal data previously provided to us, you may contact us in the manner provided in clause 1.2 of this Privacy Notice. We will respond to your request in accordance with applicable law.

In your request, please specify the specific personal data you wish to access, rectify, delete, restrict or withdraw and how it will be processed. For your protection, we only perform requests related to personal data associated with your account, and we may need to verify your identity before executing your request. We will comply with your request as soon as possible under reasonable circumstances.

We rely on your consent to collect and/or process your personal data, which you may withdraw at any time, without prejudice to the lawfulness of processing based on consent prior of withdrawal.

8. Information for parents

Philips policy follows the legal requirement to obtain parental or guardian consent before collecting, using or disclosing personal data of children (14 years of age and younger). We are committed to protecting children's privacy needs, so we strongly encourage parents and guardians to take an active role in their children's online activities and interests.

If a parent or guardian becomes aware that their child has provided us with personal data without their consent, please contact us in the manner provided in clause 1.2 of this Privacy Notice. If we discover that a minor has provided us with personal data, we will delete that information from our files.